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HCCI's President, Mr. Niall Brennan, Discusses Employer-Sponsored Insurance (July 19th)

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While coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare and Medicaid enjoy, deservedly, a great deal of discussion and debate, employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) insures approximately 55% of the non-Medicare eligible population, or approximately 152 million Americans.  (Medicaid insures 19.5% of the population and Medicare 16%).  Larger employers, or those with over 500 employees, are moreover (82%) self insured, 26% of smaller employers are as well.  What we know about ESI and what further we can learn is therefore of substantial importance.   

During this 25 minute conversation among other comments Mr. Brennan outlines HCCI's research, he explains what drives ESI spending growth, what employers are doing to control prices, he provides an overview of his recent testimony before the Senate HELP Committee and makes comment on data transparency and the employer health insurance tax exclusion. 

Mr. Niall Brennen is the President and Executive Director of the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) since June 2017.  BrennanImmediately previously, he served as the Chief Data Officer at CMS.  He has also worked at the Brookings Institution, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Urban Institute and Price WaterhouseCoopers.  He has published widely in leading academic journals including The New England Journal of Medicine and Health Affairs.  Mr. Brennan received his MPP from Georgetown University and his BA from the University College Dublin, Ireland.   

For more on HCCI go to: http://www.healthcostinstitute.org/


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