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Will The 100,000 (& counting) Mobile Medical Applications Improve Health Care?: A Conversation with Janet Marchibroda (November 26th)

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According to Information Week there are now approximately 100,000 mobile medical applications (double the number from last year) and the market for these applications is expected to grow from $500 million in 2010 to $8 billion by 2018.  These applications promise to provide the consumer with everything from health and wellness information to cancer diagnoses.  What do we know about who uses mobile medical applications or digital therapeutics, why and to what effect?    

During this 22 minute interview Ms. Marchibroda describes four general categories of mobile medical applications, their parochial uses by the public, healthcare providers, employers and insurers, what's known about their effectiveness, potential downsides and why the FDA is regulating these (and future federal regulation of health information technology more generally).  

Ms. Janet Marchibroda is currently the Director of the Health Innovation Initiative and the Janet Marchibroda PhotoExecutive Director of the CEO Council on Health and Innovation at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, DC.  Ms. Marchibroda also serves as a board member for Doctors Helping Doctors Transform Health Care.  Ms. Marchibroda previously led stakeholder engagement activities for the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at DHHS, served as the Chief Health Care Officer at IBM, served as the founding Chief Executive Officer for eHealth Initiative (eHI) and also served as the Chief Operating Officer of the National Committee for Quality Assurance.  Among other awards she's been recognized as one of the Top 25 Women in healthcare by Modern Healthcare magazine.  Ms Marchibroda was graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS and from The George Washington University with an MBA.


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