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The Work Community Health Centers Have Been Doing With ACA Funding: A Conversation with Michelle Proser (April 10th)

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Since the 1960s Community Health Centers (CHCs) have been providing health care services to moreover minority populations, the poor and the uninsured.  Today there are approximately 1,200 health centers providing health care to over 20 million Americans in all fifty states.  They our the nation's true safety net.  The Affordable Care Act created the CHC Fund that provided $11 billion over five years for the expansion of health centers and services throughout the country.   

During this 20 minute discussion Michelle Proser discusses the work of the National Association of Community Health Centers, how CHCs work to reduce health care disparities, what work CHCs have been doing with ACA's $11 billion in  funding and the potential effect should CHC Fund moneys not be renewed when they expire later next year. 

Michelle Proser is the Director of Research at the National Association of Community M-Proser Hi-res0228 headshotHealth Centers where she conducts research and policy analysis on a variety of topics used to empower health centers and educate policymakers and the public.  Michelle also directs NACHCs’ efforts to build health center capacity for community-directed translational research.   Previously, Michelle served as a research analyst at the Center for Health Services Research and Policy at The George Washington University.   Michelle received her MPP from George Washington and is presently a Ph.D. candidate at GWU.



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