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2 posts from February 2015


What Health Care Coverage Do Immigrants Get?: A Conversation with Angel Padilla (February 19th)

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Over 20 million immigrants live in the US, approximately half of whom, or 11 million, are undocumented.  Because immigrants are frequently employed in low-wage jobs they largely lack health care coverage.  Legally residing residents are able to acquire coverage via the ACA's state marketplaces however they are typically required to wait five years to apply to qualify for Medicaid. Undocumented immigrants are neither able to buy marketplace coverage even if they pay the full premium nor are they typically allowed Medicaid coverage.   Last November the President announced a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants but whether this will improve their ability to obtain health insurance is unclear.

During this 23-minute discussion Mr. Padilla explains the genesis of the five-year waiting period for legal immigrants to apply for Medicaid, why undocumented immigrants are unable to purchase marketplace insurance at full cost, where (and how) immigrants typically get health care services and moreover what, if any, effect will the President's executive order actions announced last November have in providing health care coverage for undocumented immigrants.      

Angel Padilla is a Health Policy Analyst at the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) where APadilla Pic (1)he works to develop and implement NILC's federal immigrant health policy agenda.  Prior to joining the NILC in 2014 he was an immigration policy consultant at the National Council of La Raza.  Prior still he served as a Legislative Assistant to Rep. Luis Guiterrez (D-IL).  Mr. Padilla also interned at the Department of Homeland Security.  He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a graduate degree form the Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Policy.

The National Immigration Law Center website is at: http://www.nilc.org/.




CareConnect, New York's First Commercial Provider-Owned Health Plan: A Conversation with Alan Murray (February 10th)

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Over the past few years the lines between health care payers and health care providers have been blurring.  Some say these health care industry silos, insurance companies and acute and post-acute providers, will eventually merge.  For cost purposes, health care plans are ever-increasingly interested in improving their relationship with patients in order to provide more efficient and effective care.  Health care providers want to better control their revenue streams and be more competitive.  CareConnect, formed last year by North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, is New York State's first provider-owned commercial health insurance plan.  

During this 21-minute interview Mr. Alan Murray discusses the reasons CareConnect was formed, how it's structured, its patient population, how its physicians deliver care within the CareConnect network and what it is doing to improve its patient and service community's population health.  

Mr. Alan Murray is the Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of North Shore-LIJ MurrayCareConnect, the first provider owned health plan in New York State.  Mr. Murray is also currently President and CEO of North Shore-LIJ Health Plan whose offerings include a managed long-term care plan for Medicaid recipients.  Previously, Mr. Murray was VP of Managed Care for North Shore-LIJ Health System.  Mr. Murray also served for five years as a Vice President for UnitedHealthcare in New York and previously still as at WellPoint/Empire BlueCross BlueShield).  Mr. Murray's background also includes serving for over five years as a Second Officer in the British Merchant Navy.

For more on CareConnect see: http://www.nslijcareconnect.com/