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Payment Reform, California Style: A Conversation with Dr. Jill Yegian (March 2nd)

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California has been long known for health care delivery and payment reform (think, for example, Kaiser Permanente).   With efforts nation-wide to better align health care quality and patient outcomes with reimbursement or savings efficiency, related efforts in California are carefully watched and studied.     

During this 23 minute conversation Dr. Jill Yegian briefly outlines the work if the California Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA), provides an overview of the California healthcare payment reform landscape, discusses specifically IHA's value-based pay for performance work involving 10 health plans, 200 physician organizations and nine million Californians, discusses quality measurement including "resource use" and "total cost of care" and identifies lessons learned from IHA's activities.     

Dr. Jill Yegian, is the Senior VP for Programs and Policy at the California Integrated Healthcare Association where she Jilloversees IHA's work regarding care integration, performance measurement and reporting and payment innovation.   Previously, she co-directed the American Institutes for Research Health Policy and Research Group, a team of over 70 health services research professionals.   Prior still Dr. Yegian worked with the California Healthcare Foundation where her focus was on improving the state's healthcare financing and delivery system.  Dr. Yegian is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and is a frequent conference speaker.  She was graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Ph.D. in health services and she earned her undergraduate degree in human biology at Stanford. 

For more on IHA's work go to: www.iha.org



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