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"About Hastert’s “Known Acts:” The Indifference Is as Disturbing as the Crime" (June 6th)


This past April 27th former US House Speaker, Denise Hastert, was convicted of violating federal banking laws resulting from his efforts to buy the silence of a high school student he sexually molested several decades ago while Hastert was employed as the school's wrestling coach.  Since Hastert's sentencing no Congressional leader nor the White House has bothered to condemn Hastert's "known acts" much less recognize the adverse life time health effects survivors' suffer, nor has the health care media, nor leading health care associations.  This behavior is the status quo.   If your interested in the Hastert case and non-response to it, here is the link to: "About Hastert's "Known Acts:" The Indifference is as Disturbing as the Crime."   


See also this related January 2013 Health Affairs blog post: http://healthaffairs.org/blog/2013/01/30/not-even-discussed-in-private-rooms-childhood-sexual-abuse-and-abuse-survivors/

My podcast interview with Diane Champe, noted in the above THCB blog post, is dated December 7, 2012. 



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