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2 posts from September 2016


"The Poverty Industry, The Exploitation of America's Most Vulnerable Citizens," A Conversation with the Author, Daniel L. Hatcher (September 22nd)

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For this, my 101st interview, I discuss with the author, Daniel L. Hatcher, his new work, "The Poverty Industry, The Exploitation of America's Most Vulnerable Citizens."  The work is aptly summarized by Columbia University Professor Jane Spinak.  She notes on the book's dust jacket, "In the tradition of great muckracking, Hatcher has exposed how states and localities misdirected and misused public funds envisioned to benefit the most vulnerable among us." 

During this 26 minute conversation Professor Hatcher discusses his motivations for writing the book, defines "poverty's iron triangle," explains how state foster care and Medicaid agencies, with the help of private contractors, monetize poverty for state financial gain, explains how states attempt to reason this behavior and offers solutions for how this malfeasance can be "reeled in."  

Daniel L. Hatcher is Professor of Law at the University of Baltimore School of Law, teaching a civil advocacy clinic and other Hatcherclasses.  Before joining the faculty in 2004, Hatcher was with the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau, serving as the assistant director of advocacy for public benefits and economic stability.  He previously worked as a staff attorney for Legal Aid representing abused and neglected children, and he represented adult clients all poverty law matters – including public benefits, housing, consumer and family law issues.  He was also a senior staff attorney with the Children's Defense Fund.  Hatcher has testified before Congress, the Maryland General Assembly and in other governmental proceedings regarding several issues affecting children and low-income individuals and families.  Professor earned his law degree at the University of Virginia and his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Arlington. 

For more on Hatcher's work go to: https://www.amazon.com/Poverty-Industry-Exploitation-Americas-Vulnerable/dp/1479874728


How Providers Will Respond to MACRA Implementation (September 14th)

For those interested in how providers will likely respond to MACRA, today the Better Medicare Alliance posted my essay, "How Will Providers Respond to MACRA and What Does It Mean for Provider Participation in Medicare Advantage?"  The essay is at: http://bettermedicarealliance.org/perspectives/how-will-providers-respond-macra-and-what-does-it-mean-provider-participation-medicare.

The proposed MACRA (the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) rule was the subject of my June 14th interview with CAPG's Mara McDermott on June 14th.