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Recommended Reading: Lancet's "Public Policy and Health in the Trump Era" (March 3rd)

If  you're unaware this past February 20, the Lancet Commission of Public Policy and Health in the Trump Era released its 49-page report by the same title. 

It's at: https://www.thelancet.com/action/showPdf?pii=S0140-6736%2820%2932545-9.  

The report, authored by over 30 scholars, opens with "President Trump's time in office brought misfortune to the USA and the planet.  In 2020 alone he expedited the spread of COVID-19 in the USA, deserted the WHO when the world needed it most, and responded to largely peaceful protests against racist policing by largely peaceful protests against racist policing by inflaming hatred and unleashing military force and vigilante violence that he subsequently mobilized for insurrection.  The report, over nine sections, discusses life expectancy declines, the history of racism in the US, the assault on immigrants, the opioid epidemic, universal health care, the environment, workplace and global climate, reproductive rights, and globalizing harm.  


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