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My Latest Essay re: the Climate Crisis (February 21st)

Today 3 Quarks Daily posted my essay, "The World's Most Powerful Public Health Governing Committee's Flagrant Violation of Reality." 

The opening paragraph reads:

"In late January the United States Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee released a draft discussion of its COVID-prompted public health bill titled, “Prepare for and Respond to Existing Viruses, Emerging New Threats, and Pandemics Act” (PREVENT Pandemics Act). Patty Murray, HELP Committee Chairwoman and Washington State senator, defined the bill as one that would “improve the nation’s preparedness for future public health emergencies.”  We need to, Senator Murray stated further, “take every step we can to make sure we are never in this situation again.” The draft is fatally flawed because inexplicably the HELP Committee, the Senate “public health” committee, does not address much less recognize ever-increasing health harms caused by the climate crisis. As a result, the committee’s bill is what Orwell would term a “flagrant violation of reality.” 

The article is at: https://3quarksdaily.com/3quarksdaily/2022/02/the-worlds-most-powerful-public-health-governing-committees-flagrant-violation-of-realty.html#more-208806.