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My Latest Climate and Health Essay, "FDA User Fee Legislation Needs to Mitigate the Pharmaceutical Industry's Carbon Pollution" (June 8th)

Yesterday, STAT published my latest climate and health related essay.  Here is the email text I forwarded to Senator Murray's staff director.  

This morning STAT published my latest, "FDA User Fee Legislation Needs to Mitigate the Pharmaceutical Industry's Carbon Pollution."   I'd appreciate your reading and distributing to your colleagues. 
This is my 11th or 12th related article published over the past few years.  Believe me, I take zero pleasure in drafting these - nor any of the numerous related HHS comment letters or any of the over 25 related podcast interviews.  Just so you're aware, I receive no compensation for this work.   
I hope you know the climate crisis reality continues to worsen, e.g., Nature Climate Change just published research showing atmospheric CO2 is now measured at 421 ppm (50% higher than pre-industrial era), the highest in human history or higher than any time in at least 4 million years.  Every week Kim Stanley Robinson's, "The Ministry for the Future," becomes less and less cli-fi.   As always, I am happy to discuss related policy reforms with the Chairwoman or your staff.
Thank you.
David Introcaso, Ph.D.          



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