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Substack Post #7: "The Inflation Reduction Act Can Help Decarbonize the Health Care Industry" (October 3rd)

This week's post is my September 30 STAT published essay under this title. 

It opens with:

"The climate crisis — the greatest threat to human health in history — is often framed “in ways that pay little attention to its health dimensions,” as the authors of The Lancet’s annual “Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change” report were forced to remind us.

This tragic reality was on display in Health AffairsJAMAKaiser Health News, and The Lancet itself, among others, when they limited their reporting on the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act to its enhanced Affordable Care Act subsidies and drug cost reforms. They failed to highlight for the health care industry that the IRA’s tax credit provisions for renewable energy, formally called energy security, are for the first time refundable for tax-exempt entities. This means that the largest greenhouse gas polluters in the health care industry — the vast majority of hospitals that are nonprofit or tax exempt — can take advantage of these economic subsidies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions." 

At: https://www.statnews.com/2022/09/30/inflation-reduction-act-reduce-health-care-industry-greenhouse-gas-emissions/





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