Oct 16, 2013 • 23M

How Best Can Medical Malpractice Policy Be Reformed: An Interview with Janice Mulligan (October 18th)

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US medical malpractice policy is considered to be substantially flawed.  Only a small percent of patients harmed file claims, awards even for similar injuries vary widely, and "defensive" medicine that leads to over-testing and treatment inflate health care costs by as much as $55 billion annually.  What reforms can be made to "medmal" policy to improve patient safety, reduce health care costs and create greater trust between the public and the health care industry. 

During this 22-minute interview Ms. Mulligan explains why there's actuallly been a recent downward trend in medical tort claims, she discusses the meaning and merits of "defensive medicine" and other alleged medmal-driven adverse affects on health care delivery, she critiques several proposed reform solutions including "safe harbors," "sorry works" and "health courts" along with state reforms in California and Texas, finally she offers her own prescriptions in improving medical malpractice policy.      

Ms. Janice F.Mulligan is a partner with the San Diego law firm of Mulligan and Banham.  Ms. Mulligan's particular expertise is in medical malpractice and personal injury.   Previously to forming her own practice, Jan worked in the California Attorney General's Office prosecuting physicians for malfeasance.  Jan has served in leadership positions in the American Bar Association, is a former President of the San Diego Inn of Court and a former Board member of the San Diego County Bar Association.   In addition to her full time law practice, Jan regularly teaches at the University of California San Diego, School of Medicine.  Jan attended the University of San Diego and St. Anthony's College at Oxford University and graduated with honors from the University of San Diego School of Law.