Sitemap - 2017 - The Healthcare Policy Podcast ® Produced by David Introcaso

"Fixing MACRA Means Fixing The APM Pathway" (December 26th)

Kristen O'Brien Discusses the Final 2018 MACRA Rule (December 18th)

Clay Richards Discusses Medicare's Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) Demonstration (December 11th)

Myra Christopher Discusses Under Treated Chronic Pain and the PAINS Project (December 6th)

Dr. Jim Rickards Discusses His Recent Work, "Our Health Plan, Community Governed Healthcare That Works" (November 16th)

"As the World Burns" (November 13th)

Dr. Ronald Epstein Discusses His Recent Work, "Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness and Humanity" (November 9th)

How Well Did Medicare Accountable Care Organizations Perform in 2016? (November 2nd)

Patient Safety Issues Associated with Electronic Health Records: A Conversation with Dr. David Troxel (October 31st)

MACRA's Virtual Groups (October 3rd)

Eric Weinberg Discusses His Recent Work, "Blood On Their Hands" (September 28th)

Dr. Haider Warraich Discusses His Recent Work, "Modern Death" (September 27th)

Review of Elisabeth Rosenthal's "An American Sickness" (August 24th)

The National Academy of Medicine's "Effective Care for High-Need Patients," A Conversation with Melinda Abrams (August 14th)

The MACRA Proposed Rule: The Administration (Largely) Takes a Pass on Medicare Reform (August 4th)

David Wallace-Wells Discusses His Recent Essay, "The Uninhabitable Earth" (August 3rd)

Dr. Fischer-Wright Discusses Her Recent Work, "Back to Balance, The Art, Science and Business of Medicine" (July 27th)

Will Senate Republicans Get 50 Votes to Repeal the ACA? (June 24th)

Improving the Use of Evidence-Based Medicine: A Conversation with Dr. Todd Feinman (June 21st)

Medicare As a Neutral Payer (June 15th)

The Medical Communities (Non) Response to Trump's Withdrawal From the Paris Climate Accord (June 13th)

Extraordinary Altruism in Voluntarily Donating a Kidney to a Stranger: A Conversation with Professor Abigail Marsh (June 2nd)

AHCA In Context of Social Justice: A Conversation with Jason Silverstein (June 1st)

"Would Repealing the ACA Violate International Law?" (May 3rd )

The Current Status of Employer-Based Insurance: A Conversation with James Gelfand (May 3rd)

CMS' "Market Stabilization" Rule Goes Final: My Comments (April 17th)

"Teeth: The Story of Beauty, Inequality & the Struggle for Oral Health In America," A Conversation with the Author, Mary Otto (April 12th)

Essay: "The Child Sexual Abuse Conspiracy" (March 31st)

What Was Discussed at February's "Climate and Health" Meeting: A Conversation with Dr. Jonathan Patz (March 31st)

Playing Dice with the State Marketplaces: CMS' Proposed Market Stabilization Rule (March 22nd)

Does Pay for Performance Improve Care and Lower Spending? A Conversation with Stephen Soumerai (March 15th)

Proposed House Republican Changes to Medicaid: A Conversation with Matt Salo (March 6th)

Review of "Hell is A Very Small Place," (February 7th)

"The Case Against Sugar," A Conversation with the Author, Gary Taubes (February 6th)

The Health Benefits of Marijuana and Related Regulatory Policies : A Conversation with Paul Armentano (January 24th)

"ACA Repeal and the Ethics of Belief," by David Introcaso (January 24th)

NIDCD's Efforts to Reduce Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: A Conversation with Dr. James Battey (January 6th, 2017)