Sitemap - 2023 - The Healthcare Policy Podcast ® Produced by David Introcaso

Dr. Robert Scoggins Discusses Medicare's Recent Regulatory Reform to Improve Sepsis Care

David Ropeik Discusses His Just-Published Book, "Curing Cancer-Phobia, How Risk, Fear and Worry Mislead Us"

UCLA Law Professor Joanna Schwartz Discusses Her Just-Published, "Shielded: How the Police Became Untouchable"

Columbia University's Ms. Cynthia Hanawalt Discusses Public Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Dr. Robert Moffit Discusses "Modernizing Medicare: Harnessing the Power of Consumer Choice and Market Competition"

Prof. Nancy Tomes Discusses Patients as Consumers and to What Extent Defining Medicine as a Commodity Has Proven Useful

Professors Fredrik Albritton Jonsson and Carl Wennerlind Discuss They're Recently Published Book, "Scarcity: A History From the Origins of Capitalism to the Climate Crisis"

Dr. Richard Young Discusses His Dystopian Healthcare Novel, "2060" (August 1st)

And . . . this publication: "As the Climate Crisis Intensifies, HHS Refuses to Do Its Part"

Another Climate and Health Publication: "HHS Again Suspends Disbelief: The Medicaid Program Will Ignore the Greatest Health Threat to Medicaid Beneficiaries"

Sonia Roschnik Discusses the International Hospital Federation's Environmental Sustainability Programming

Professor Larry Churchill Discusses "Bioethics Reenvisioned, A Path Toward Health Justice"

285th Podcast: Wendell Potter Discusses the Recently Released Documentary, "American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System" (May 26th)

CBPP's Ms. Katie Bergh Discusses SNAP Policy (May 22nd)

My Latest Climate Crisis-Related Article

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center’s Dr. Trede and Ms. Shapiro, a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Discuss the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Survey Findings in Light of Their Clinical Care (May 17th)

Upcoming Podcasts

Ms. Kelly Willis Discusses the IPCC's "Last Warning" Report and the Upcoming COP 28 Meeting (April 18th)

Dr. Lise van Susteren and I Discuss Climate Crisis-Related Health Harm and Healthcare Policy (April 18th)

280th Interview: Mr. Clark Reed, the EPA's Energy Star National Program Manager, Explains the Energy Star Program (March 24th)

Oxford Professor Neta Crawford Discusses Her Just-Published, "The Pentagon, Climate Change and War" (March 22nd)

Dr. Eric Reinhart Remembers Paul Farmer (March 13th)

Stanford's Mark Jacobson Discusses His Latest, "No Miracles Needed, How Today's Technology Can Save Our Climate and Clean Our Air" (March 6th)

My Latest Publication, "HHS's Environmental Justice Index Institutionalizes Climate Apartheid" (March 5th)

Upcoming Podcasts in March: the 13th; 21st; and, the 24th

Prof. Julianne Holt-Lunstad Discusses Social Isolation and Loneliness (February 15th)

Prof. Toshihiro Higuchi Discusses His Work, "Political Fallout, Nuclear Weapons Testing and the Making of a Global Environmental Crisis" (February 8th)

The Healthcare Policy Podcast

275th Interview: John Abraham Discusses the Continued Rapid Increase in Ocean Heat Content (January 23rd)

Attorney Ms. Jayne Conroy Discusses Prosecuting Healthcare Fraud in Part Via Use of Criminal Statutes (January 19th)

My Latest Publication, "FYI: The Health Care Industry Is Not Decarbonizing" (January 6th, 2023)