Sitemap - 2021 - The Healthcare Policy Podcast ® Produced by David Introcaso

The Unrecognized Tragedy of Working Class Immiseration (December 31st)

Professor Kristie Ebi Discusses The Lancet Series, "Heat and Health" (November 23rd)

250th Podcast: Harvard's Dr. Aaron Bernstein Discusses COP 26, the National Academy's Climate Crisis Effort and Related Issues (November 19th)

Brookings' Carol Graham Discusses America's Crisis of Despair (November 8th)

Opportunity to Respond to AHRQ's Climate and Health RFI (October 31st)

Oostra Letter to CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-Lasure and CMMI Director Liz Fowler (October 22nd)

NAM's Climate Crisis Effort Must Turn Words Into Action (October 15th)

Eric Reinhart and Prisons as Epidemiological Pumps (October 6th)

Austin Whitman, Climate Neutral's CEO, Discusses Climate Crisis-Related Greenwashing (September 27th)

Professors Gibson-Davis and Hill Discuss The Effects of Wealth Inequality on Child Development (September 21st)

Daniel George and Peter Whitehouse Discuss Their Just-Published Book, "American Dementia, Brain Health in an Unhealthy Society" (September 14th)

Finally, the Healthcare Policy Community Formally Recognizes the Climate Crisis (September 8th)

245th Interview: Dan Troy Discusses 3D Bioprinting Human Organs and the FDA's Regulation Thereof (September 7th)

Matt Salo Discusses Potential Medicaid Program Reforms Under Proposed Reconciliation Legislation (August 11th)

TFAH's Adam Lustig Discusses Social Determinants of Health Policy Opportunities (August 9th)

IPCC Report's Sixth Climate Assessment Report Published Today (August 9th)

Dr. Lawrence Krauss Discusses His Recently Published Book, "The Physics of Climate Change" (July 8th)

More on the Climate Crisis (June 29th)

Harvard's Eric Reinhart Discusses Why Mass Incarceration Makes Us All Sick (June 24th)

240th Podcast: Brian Alexander Discusses His Recently Published, "The Hospital: Life, Death and Dollars in a Small American Town" (June 22nd)

Ms. Priti Krishtel Discusses the Biden Administration's Support for a Temporary WTO COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Waiver (June 10th)

Dr. Robert Phillips Discusses the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine's Recent Report, " Implementing High-Quality Primary Care" (June 8th)

John Kotcher Discusses His Recent Survey of International Health Professionals Regarding Climate Crisis Advocacy (May 27th)

CUNY's Nick Freudenberg Discusses His Just-Published Work, "At What Cost, Modern Capitalism and the Future of Health" (May 20th)

Phase 3 Study of MDMA Proves Clinically Effective (May 10th)

The Arc's Nicole Jorwic Discusses President Biden's Care Economy Proposals (April 28th)

Mt Sinai's Professor Shanna Swan Discusses Her Recently Published Book, "Countdown" (April 22nd)

Drs. Braveman and Gottlieb Discuss Addressing Social Determinants of Health Policy (March 31st)

Brookings' Dr. Matt Fiedler Discusses the Public Option (March 25th)

Dr. Kate Goodrich Discusses Healthcare Quality Reform (March 24th)

230th Interview: Professor Judy Feder Discusses Long Term Care Policy Reform (March 21st)

Dr. Mark Miller Discusses Drug Pricing Policy Reform (March 16th)

Professor Michael Ruse Discusses the Gaia Hypothesis (March 11th)

Professor Mike Chernew Discusses Medicare Advantage Policy Reforms (March 8th)

Dr. Amol Navathe Discusses Medicare Fee for Service Policy Reforms (March 4th)

Recommended Reading: Lancet's "Public Policy and Health in the Trump Era" (March 3rd)

Stanford's Mark Jacobson's Discusses How the Healthcare Industry Can Eliminate Its Carbon Footprint (February 25th)

Dr. Bob Berenson Discusses Healthcare's Pricing Problem and Potential Remedies (February 18th)

Essay: President Biden's Climate Crisis Executive Order Fails to Tackle the Obvious (February 15th)

Co-Editor Dr. Howard Frumkin Discusses "Planetary Health, Protecting Nature To Protect Ourselves" (February 1st)

Dr. Steven Woolf Discusses How (Un)Healthy Are Americans (January 31st)

221st Podcast: NRDC's Dr. Vijay Limaye Discusses Measuring the Health-Related Costs of the Climate Crisis (January 14, 2021)